We deliver on site, off site of even off shore. This depends highly on the life cycle of your services and API’s. We adopt our delivery method to that of our customer. Our own delivery is done using Agile and Scrumm in Devops teams.

Our consultants are highly trained in two important aspects of our industry:

Digital Delivery & Digital Business Requirements

Digital Business Requirements

  • Translated by BPM, SOA, Microservices and API’s
  • We believe that the business process is key. No matter how you implement technically, it must be based on the business need to adapt.
  • And to digitally adapt, you must really understand the core process.
  • So we start by understanding you, based on Business Process Management(BPM) modelling.
  • Then we decompose the use case so we understand the required services.
  • The service is accessible via, what we call these days, an API
  • The API represents a rich service or an isolated small one like retrieving an employee. The latter might be referred to as a Micro Service.
Digital Business Requirements
Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery

  • Customers will only accept a flawless provider.
  • We know that this is an absolute must have.
  • That is why we start with matching all requirements with prove that we delivered.
  • And then during build we make sure that you are able to continuous integrate(CI), continuous deliver(CD) and test.
  • We have our CD/CI pipeline in place. Build by our consultants. So they can deliver this also for you.